MistShield Revolutionary Novel Device Considered Game Changer In The Fight For Safer Air

The AMA, CDC and the other leading organizations have now agreed and concluded that viruses such as COVID-19, H1N1 (Flu), SARS, MRSA, Common Cold and others are transmitted mainly by close quarters and via pathogens traveling through the air. Such viruses live on surfaces for a short period of time, however, fall into the class of “aerosolized,” meaning in the air, where they can linger for many hours or even days.

It takes only one person that is carrying a virus to infect many other people whenever they are within close proximity or in a confined environment.

With the virus being airborne the threat is always present, so within a working environment like a hospital, office, manufacturing facilities, gym, or even shopping and retail environments, there must be a preset, constant disinfection program in place.


We want to emphasize how effective Hypochlorous is and how our novel delivery system will automatically disinfect 24/7. Disinfection is much more important than simply cleaning or sanitizing. The MistShield™ delivery system not only protects everyone involved including patients, doctors and employees against illness and germs but also saves money and time. No more harsh chemicals to purchase, no more expensive contractors, and cut back on labor time previously spent cleaning. Put that time to better use and be among the smarter and healthier.

These are just a few of the examples of upgrades you can add to your home or commercial business. In fact, there are thousands of qualifying improvements that you can apply for with MistShield.  


MistShield™ It’s time to reclaim the spaces where we work and play

MistShield™ provides residual disinfection against viruses (including the Coronavirus, the Flu, common cold) over a 24/7 period. The carefully measured micron level of the droplets (mist density) allow for just the perfect amount of HOCl mist to be emitted, covering entire areas, leaving no wet residue, and disinfecting while improving indoor air quality.

The MistShield™ constant delivery device will kill and destroy pathogens upon contact

This can be done on a constant or an intermittent basis. You set it to your preference. Anywhere there is a large concentration of people this device will be found to be beneficial.

Hypochlorous is not new, it has been around and has been known as strong disinfectant since the World Wars. New technology allows for 24/7 disinfecting, which saves significant time for employees, who in large part, push the dirt from one area to the next. Manual cleaning simply cannot reach hard to get areas, cracks and crevices. There are a large amount of clinical studies that have been completed including the one by Dr. Block, who agrees that hypochlorous misting is the most effective way to sanitize. The science is there. Hypochlorous is a safe, all natural, organic substance. The future is here!

Early adopters will gain positive media, be considered forward thinkers and be protected from viruses and other pathogens. Businesses cannot afford to be shut down as they were during the pandemic due to the fear amongst the population.

Providing 24/7 disinfection will give patrons the comfortability, satisfaction and confidence they deserve upon entering enclosed spaces. In addition, it will cut back on absenteeism and keep customers & staff safe.

App controlled wall mounted device providing 24/7 disinfection & safer air


Cost Savings and Better Results

Many reading this, considering a switch to MistShield™, may have been using contractors to fog and disinfect their premises. This can be costly and may not always be beneficial, as it does not provide ongoing residual disinfection. Also, unless utilizing Hypochlorous, long-term use of chemicals that contractors are using are not safe for you, your visitors or your employees.

Additionally, are the costs of in-office labor and chemicals purchased. The time required to constantly wipe down surfaces or prepare a space after each individual is not only costly from a labor perspective but nowhere near as effective as a constant flow of all natural HOCl from the MistShield®. What can be better than “SET IT AND FORGET IT!”

For more information, please watch the quick video below or contact MistShield at  908-344-3529.