Lacey Township, NJ Residential and Commercial General Contractors

A TruBuilders, Inc. leads the construction industry and provides residents and businesses in Lacey Township, NJ with only the highest quality in construction services. We have the experience and the expertise to complete any size project right and in a timely manner.

The Very Best in Custom and Single Family Homes

When you decide to build a home you want to make sure it gets built right. Here at A TruBuilders, Inc., we have been constructing homes since 1983. The quality of work that we deliver always surpasses that of our competition.

Superior Residential Remodeling Services in Lacey Township, NJ

From renovating your kitchen and bathroom to building a home addition, A TruBuilders, Inc. gives your existing house a whole new look. We work with qualified architects and engineers to incorporate your remodel design to fit your lifestyle and budget.

An Experienced Ocean County, NJ House Raising Contractor

Not only will raising your home help protect it from storm and water damage, homes that have been raised usually go up in value. If you live next to the New Jersey coastline, raising your home is a good decision as long as the job is completed by an experienced company like A TruBuilders, Inc.

Get Your Commercial Business Remodeled Right

A TruBuilders, Inc. has a long history of commercial remodeling experience and has remodeled businesses in Ocean County, NJ since 1983. We have remodeled retail stores, showrooms, office buildings, tenant build outs, hotels, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

Let Us Build Your Real Estate Development

If you have a real estate development project, A TruBuilders, Inc. can provide the construction services. We have been building real estate development projects for over 30 years and have constructed condominiums, town homes, duplexes and apartment complexes.

Quality Hospitality Construction Work in Lacey Township, NJ

A TruBuilders, Inc. has experience developing, remodeling or renovating hospitality businesses in the Lacey Township, NJ area. From restaurants and nightclubs to hotels, luxury resorts and more, our team of professionals is your one-stop resource. You always receive work that gets completed to your level of satisfaction. That’s our guarantee.

Trusted Storm Recovery Restoration Services

A TruBuilders, Inc. helps homeowners and commercial businesses repair and restore properties damaged by hurricanes, flooding, fires and other weather emergencies. We are experts in Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG), Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) program, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants and insurance claims.

Make Your Home or Commercial Business Energy Efficient

When you take advantage of A TruBuilders, Inc. green building construction services, you not only make your home or business more efficient and comfortable, you’ll also save on your monthly energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint. Here at A TruBuilders, Inc., we incorporate SmartPower Technologies into projects to provide property owners with the highest quality in technical and advisory energy conservation services.

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custom home builder lacey township nj

“We never dreamed we would be in this SANDY situation, and certainly never dreamed we would have the awesome chance to build a new house. We truly feel, had we not found you, this may not have happened for us.

We are so grateful to you, and for the integrity of your work, as well as your integrity as a human being. I hope you scored adequate financial remuneration from our project, but even more importantly, I hope you scored the knowledge that you made a major difference in our lives, by helping us as “SANDY victims.”

Simply put, we LOVE our house, and we thank you so sincerely for putting up with all the township BS, and for building it for us.

“Our relationship” is more than just “builder-client.” You have demonstrated a very caring and in fact loving manner to us, and have seen us through these dark almost three years since SANDY. You not only built us a dream home, you and your team (Papa Gary included) built it with the most amazing TLC, and we could never ever ask for more!!

Our little Bar A party, was just a small token of our deepest appreciation to you and your gang of fabulous people and hard workers. We hope as we begin to actually live at 108 Hillcrest once again, you and your beautiful Gina will visit us often, and share good times and spirits on the deck you built us. Our doors will always be open to you Gary!!”

John Henry Lambert, Neptune, NJ